Hercules eSports is Oulu based esports organization started by JS Hercules. Our organization was formed in early 2017. We want to expand the role of esports in Oulu while having a strong local presence and sense of community.

The strong presence will be achieved by having local gatherings and events for esports fans and those who are not yet familiar with esports. By doing this we hope to bring the audience and fans under the same roof. We will use JS Hercules’ knowledge of competitive sports as an advantage to tackle the problems and obstacles in eSports.

From local events and gatherings, we aim to expand to the professional scene. Competitive esports will be a huge factor in the future of entertainment and we want to be there creating the future of it



These are the core values we as an organization hold important and we will do our best to reflect all of these values in our actions. We believe that with these values we will be able to conquer the world of ESPORTS.