Overwatch Coach

I have been a video game enthusiast for my whole life. I spent my early life with console games, but in 2003 my family finally got a proper PC and an internet connection, which later on dragged me into games like Counter-Strike 1.6, Day of Defeat 1.3 and GunZ: The Duel.

Fast forward 10 years, and I had been playing multiple different FPS games for thousands of hours, also outside of first person shooters, I gained some knowledge of esports and I was really into League of Legends, which sparked my interest as a competitive game, partly because this was when esports coaches and analysts started to really appear.

I started to look at games from a different angle from then on, starting to figure out what makes a winning team and what other things than just raw mechanical skill are important.

I was enjoying my time as a spectator of esports for a good while, until Overwatch released. I started playing the game, and quickly realized how well all of the skills that I had gained from earlier games were connecting in Overwatch, and I started getting better at it.

Early 2017 I got the opportunity to start coaching the Hercules Esports Overwatch team, which was a dream of mine, put also put a lot of pressure on my own performance as a coach. It took me a good while to start really understanding the game at a deeper level, but I managed to help the team to improve rapidly, which really was a realization for myself that this is what I would like to do for a long time. Working with extremely skilled players as a coach and nowadays as an analyst has been challenging but amazing so far, and now with Hercules Esports I want to be a part of creating new top players.

Sami Lehto
Coaching & game analytics