Every good thing comes to an end, and it's all for the greater good. Today we announce the departure of Joacim “Grillet” Rappu, our notable Flex player and beloved friend.

Few words from Grillet:

A goodbye.

My time as an Overwatch player for Hercules eSports has reached an end. It has been really fun and great playing for Hercules and with the guys. We have gone through a lot of change from the very and the team has improved a lot. When we signed for Hercules we moved into a new phase where we needed to scrim and play a lot more than before. In the start, it worked out really well and we started to play really well together and ironing out issue after issue.

However, after some time I started to feel fatigued and really stressed since I had no time over for myself, family etc. This led to a mutual agreement where we decided to find a new sixth player to replace me. I’m putting competitive gaming on the side for now and I will see what the future has in its hands for me. I wish the team and Hercules well in the future and I hope to see them on a stage in the near future.

One among our many victories


Andres "Sleight" Salminen, a young and talented player from Helsinki, Finland will be our stand-in for upcoming tournaments.

Few words from Tri - the team Manager:

Grillet is the kind of player that will always be there and do whatever it takes for the success of the team. We had a good time together and that's all what matter in the end. We wish him the best on his chosen path, as in personal life and in working life.

With the addition of Sleight, we believe that the team is stronger than ever and we are ready to make the next big step competing in Overwatch Contenders.